8 Healthy Moves Your Doctor Wants You To Do!

8 Healthy Moves Your Doctor Wants You To Do!

Hey friends Dr. Oscar buzzing in to share with you things your doctor will want you to know and do.

  1. Know your numbers.

  2. Monitor your Blood Sugars.

  3. See an Ophthalmologist.

  4. See a Dentist.

  5. Check your feet daily.

  6. Exercise.

  7. Know what you eat.

  8. Talk with your doctor.

  1. It’s important for your doc to know your A1c, BMI, blood pressure and kidney function.

  2. They will want you to keep a record of your blood sugars and test anywhere from 2 to 4 times a day.

  3. Diabetes can affect your vision, which means it’s vital to have yearly eye exams.

  4. Most diabetics should have at least 2 teeth cleanings a year, as common dental problems can have an affect on your diabetes.

  5. Diabetes can affect nerve function which can make it hard for you to feel a cut or bruise. Check your feet daily and have your doctor check for nerve damage yearly.

  6. Exercising is one of the most natural ways to regulate blood sugars.

  7. Counting carbs is very important for diabetics, if you over or under count carbs it leads to low and high blood sugars.

  8. Write down a list of questions you have and go over them with your doctor at your visit. Remember they’re there for you, for questions and for you to have your diabetes under control.

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