Diabetic Daisy Learns All About Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetic Daisy Learns All About Type 1 Diabetes

Hey friends Dr. Oscar buzzing in to share with my friend Daisy’s first day in the hospital learning about Type 1 Diabetes.


In our last post Daisy and her parents had just found out that Daisy was diagnosed with diabetes. I sat them down and explained to them that we were going to have a fun learning experience about diabetes. I first told them that diabetes is not a curable disease but with education and a great vet (like me) she can still live a great life and enjoy things that she used to before she was diagnosed.

I then explained to Daisy that every morning when she wakes up she will have to check her blood sugar level using a blood glucose meter. She’ll wash her paws and put the strip in the meter and take her lancet and poke her finger. She will need just a small drop of blood to put on the test strip. When breakfast is ready with her parents help she will need to count all the carbohydrates in the food she’s eating. I came up with an insulin to carb ratio meaning for every 10 carbs Daisy eats she will take 1 unit of insulin. I told her every time she ate food she would have to go through this process.

I then talked to Daisy about low blood sugars, which can be caused by taking too much insulin, being sick or being active and some of the symptoms of a low sugar, which are:

  1. Feeling shaky

  2. Sweating, chills and clamminess

  3. Irritability

  4. Confusion

  5. Feeling lightheaded or dizzy

  6. Hunger

  7. Nausea

  8. Color draining from the skin (pallor)

  9. Feeling Sleepy

  10. Feeling weak or having no energy

  11. Blurred/impaired vision

  12. Tingling or numbness in the lips, tongue, or cheeks

  13. Headaches

  14. Coordination problems, clumsiness

  15. Nightmares or crying out during sleep

  16. Seizures

Next of course would be high blood sugar levels which can be caused by not taking enough insulin, miscounting carbs or again being sick. Symptoms of a high blood sugar are:

  1. Increased thirst

  2. Headaches

  3. Trouble concentrating

  4. Blurred vision

  5. Frequent peeing

  6. Fatigue (weak, tired feeling)

I then explained to Daisy and her family that it’s very important to keep in contact with your vet and that I would like to see Daisy again in a week to see how everything was going and to call if they had any questions. In the comments below tell me some of the things you remember about when you were diagnosed with diabetes.

Stay tuned for Daisy first appointment with me Dr. Oscar this Thursday !!!

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Daisy's Day in the Hospital Learning About Type 1 Diabetes

Daisy's Day in the Hospital Learning About Type 1 Diabetes